paint & sip

Introducing Calgary’s first paint & sip business

Paint & Sip Comes to Calgary!

Vin Gogh is Calgary’s first Paint & Sip business. While Paint & Sip studios open in the US almost every week, Canada has been slower to adopt the hottest trend in experiential entertainment.

Full Article Written by Matt Beauchamp | November 17, 2014

” For friends and business partners Loretta Gotmy and Brenda Mahoney, Vin Gogh is the embodiment of their philosophy coupled with over a year’s worth of hard work. But they didn’t think it would be that way.

“We thought we were just going to go find a little space and put up a few tables and get some paper and easels and pour a little wine. We thought we could get a BYOB thing or whatever and then reality hit,” said Mahoney. “It was the liquor board that made everything bigger and harder in our minds because we have to have a liquor license. In order to have a liquor license you have to have a commercial kitchen. Then it was city bylaws and development permits and building permits and inspections and it just went on and on and on.”

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