All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Starting a Business

Lesson 2 – Draw, Paint, Sing and Dance!

One would think that opening a ‘paint and wine’ studio would be all fun and games (and art and wine). Au contraire! It turns out it is so much more and not all of it fun. We learned very quickly that it was a lot hard work and that we had a lot to learn. Doing and learning were things we handled well but being patient while waiting for things to happen or work out was tough.

We had to remind ourselves (almost daily) that as much as the destination was important; the journey to get there was even more important. We learned a great deal about starting a ‘bricks and mortar’ business and we learned a lot about ourselves individually and as partners. We also learned to stop and smell the wine (and drink it) and enjoy the ride. We took breaks to have fun and laugh at our foibles. Of course, it was much easier having a great partner with whom I could share it.

Singing and dancing may not come easy when things went sideways (which they did often) but we found that things always worked out for the best. So why not have fun in the meantime!