People of Vin Gogh: The Sangria Sisters


Val Maclean a very funny lady with an enormous circle of friends. She is known as Julie the Cruise Director and you don’t need to get that reference to know she is willing to “get this party started! The queen of playlists and an enviable ability to “let it all go” and move on.

Lori McGillivrary, a witty (and we mean witty with a capital W), sarcastic lady with a loveable soul. A self-professed shoe-aholic, she keeps sane with golf, yoga and Prosecco. Our guess is she gets the ideas and prompts her sister to start the trouble. Together they are known as the Sangria Sisters

We came across these amazing women through our love of wine and all things drinking. Our creeping the web for great material to inspire us led to the connection with their blog. The Sangria Sisters blogs will have you laughing your butt off.

Usually one part funny and three parts real (if we can’t laugh at ourselves, the what?); they point out the obvious and say what the rest of us are all only brave enough to think.

We recently had the pleasure of meeting (finally) Val and Lori and their entourage in person when they celebrated Val’s birthday at the studio. They are true ‘champions of women’ and when they walk into a room, they are love and light and joy.

The bonus of doing what we do is getting to meet fabulous people like this. Sangria Sisters and Vin Gogh gals are now ‘soul sisters’. Happy to have them in our lives.