It’s like a wine tasting fundraiser every night.

Giving is at the core of our business.

Whether you let us host your perfect paint & wine tasting fundraiser or you’d prefer to stop in with a friend, every painting makes a difference. 

We believe that success is defined by how we live, love and give. With this in mind, Vin Gogh was built with a lot of heart. Our ultimate goal is that every painting makes a difference.

We know that women are the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and changing our world for the better.  To help break the cycle, Vin Gogh is committed to supporting charities that support women and girls.

Your purchase helps to ensure that women in developing countries get access to the same opportunities as those of us living in Calgary.  Ten percent of net profits from Vin Gogh will be donated to these charities – Room to Read, Kiva and C-quest.

You can also make a difference.  Click on the charity of your choice and donate.

Or contact us to book your own paint & wine tasting fundraiser for a charity of your choice.

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We Support Micro Lending with Kiva



Local charities can find more information on fundraising opportunities with Vin Gogh by clicking HERE